12 teachings of Guru Nanak to live by in 2020
December 30, 20196 Minutes

Reading more books, eating and staying healthy, exercising more, keeping friends and family close, travel more, maintain a journal – most of us have the same new year resolutions as mentioned here. Apart from these, some of us also want to find out our purpose in life, what makes us happy and do more of what we love. But is it enough to have resolutions just for ourselves in the new year, to only work to create a better version of ourselves?

While we get busy in following our New Year resolutions, we want the world to become a better place too. We want the air we breathe to become clearer, for a change read news of crime rate going down, to see the underprivileged communities get access to basic living necessities and so much more.

But are we doing something about it? Are we taking any steps to contribute to everyone’s New Year resolutions? How about we do it this year?

500 years ago, in a time of turmoil and social chaos, Guru Nanak walked the earth to carve the path to a better world. Wherever he went, he taught the lessons that can make this world a better place. And those teachings, when applied today, can help us create a better, richer, happier world for each one of us around.

We’re sharing 12 teachings for you to live by in 2020 and to add to your new year resolutions this year:


  1. “In the midst of this world, do serve others.”
    There’s no greater service than serving the society we live in. It’s the easiest way to peaceful life.
  2. “Truth is higher than everything, but higher still is truthful living.”
    More important than saying and knowing the truth is living a life earned by honest living.
  1. “So why call her bad? From her, kings are born.”
    Treat and respect women as equals. An equal society is a better society.
  1. “Contemplate and reflect upon education, and you will become a benefactor to others.”
    Not only is it important to educate oneself formally but using the acquired education with logic and common sense. Using education to serve humanity is the gist of all knowledge and makes one learned in the true sense of the word.
  1. “Air is the Guru, Water is the Father, and Earth is the Great Mother of all.”
    It is important to respect the environment and live in harmony with nature.
  1. “Slandering others is putting the filth of others in your own mouth.”
    It is never a good idea to say bad things about others.
  1. “Cursed is that life, in which one only eats to fill one’s belly”
    Share what you with others, no matter the quantity. Extend your compassion to others.
  1. “Wealth, the beauty of youth, and flowers are only guests for a few days.”
    Rather than going after material pursuits which do not stay for a long time, invest in kindness, compassion and community.
  1. “Good deeds and bad deeds determine your future.”
    It always pays to do good but the same is true if your actions harm others.
  1. “Among all is the light. You are that light.”
    All that you are looking for is inside you.
  1. “Conquer your mind and the world would be yours.”
    It’s all about controlling your mind. Everything falls into place post that.
  1.   “He who regards all people as equal is sacred.”
    When we treat each other as equals, we make them feel valued.

Let’s join hands and come together to make this New Year special for each one around. Let’s make this world an equal, kinder, better and richer place.