Guru Nanak’s birth year was marked in 1469, with his birthplace being the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. He was born to the family of Mehta Kalu, Tripta Devi, and their daughter Bebe Nanaki. Little did they know that this bright and beautiful boy they love so much will grow up to be a revolutionary philosopher, singer, poet, and teacher.

The Guru before all modern gurus and the founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak, denounced ritualism and realised at a young age that “there is one God and one human race”. The life story of Guru Nanak revolves around four spiritual journeys that he undertook to spread the message of love, equality, kindness, honesty, and selfless Seva. In a time when the world was rife with man-made barriers of inequality, he championed women’s empowerment, spoke against the caste system, and denounced the archaic rules of society, reforming the world to make it a better, less divided place. This Guru Nanak Jayanti, join us as we celebrate this leader, thinker, and reformer, and bring his timeless wisdom to a world that needs it more than ever before. the darkness, ignorance, and inhumanity rampant in our society. They can help us lead and build better lives and a better society. Without fear, without hate.

Join us in this journey to help create a world where we treat each other as equals, be kind, perform selfless service, and touch the lives of each person we meet with compassion.

Life Story of Guru Nanak


Today, with every newsflash it seems like our inherent goodness is losing out to the chaos of the modern world. With technology, we are more connected, but our hearts have never been more far apart. We can reach a person at the other corner of the world with a click of a button today, but are the words we speak to them the words of goodness, kindness and compassion?


Well, we are here to help you remedy that! 

As we mark the 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak, we are bringing you The Script of Life. We believe that the teachings and words of Guru Nanak can help transform the world and make it friendlier, kinder, happier, and a more hopeful place.  We all could use his words and guidance to help us live more wholesome and honest lives. 

The Script of Life is a small effort to take the light and life of Guru Nanak far and wide and help you find more honesty, hope and kindness in your life. If we do indeed hold the power to change the world, let’s change it for the better. 

So, won’t you join us? Read from The Script of Life.