Among all is the light. You are that light
December 30, 20194 Minutes

As children, adolescents, adults, and beyond – at every stage in our lives, we look for a guiding light. Someone who walks ahead us of us to show the path we can walk on, he/she who holds a lantern for us to see through the darkness, who can offer a piece of advice, can listen to us patiently, who offers a leaf of wisdom from their own book of life. Some of us find this guiding light in the form of mentors at school, university or workplace, in friends who are always there, in our families, in our therapists.

And some of us find it in ourselves.

500 years ago, Guru Nanak walked the earth, and wherever he went, he acted as a guiding light for one and all – especially for the underprivileged and those believed to belong to lower castes in the society. Acting as the quintessential teacher of society, while he delivered the messages of kindness, goodness, community, selfless service (seva), equality and environment consciousness, he also believed that every individual was blessed with the guiding light within.

‘Among all is the light. You are that light.”

His teachings promoted a kinder world – one that treats every individual as an equal and makes them feel valued. He believed that even though the social constructs were exploitative in nature, every individual possessed the light of kindness, community, seva and equality within. And to make that inner light glow brighter and show the path to creating a better world he preached:

  • One God: The universality of the Creator of the Universe
  • Sanctity of all faiths and beings: God as the source of all divine knowledge and wisdom
  • Meditating on the name of God
  • Earning a living through honest means
  • Sharing resources with others
  • Selfless service to the community
  • Living by equality, justice and dignity of all

He possessed the light within and spread it to build a society that looked after the farewell of everyone rather than one individual. And like himself, he wanted everyone to look within, to follow their natural instincts and give back to society. He dispelled the darkness of pain, chaos and rage to give way to peace, love and kindness and he wanted for everyone to follow his path and fill the world with knowledge based on personal experiences, to fight against a gender, caste, faith and hierarchy-conscious society without any fear, any hatred. Nir Bhau, Nir Vair.

As we move into another year, let’s find the light within and contribute to the world in a meaningful way, just like Guru Nanak. Let’s follow his path to create a society in which every individual and community flourishes and reaches its highest potential. Nir Bhau, Nir Vair.