Guru Nanak – The visionary who brought the celestial truths to the world
December 18, 20196 Minutes

How did it all begin? What was before time? From where have we come into existence? Is Earth the centre of the universe? Are there more Earths?

The human mind has been both fascinated and perplexed by such questions since the beginning of human existence. Be the initial bewilderment of seeing a comet or the modern dread of seeing an unidentified flying object, the triumphant feeling of the discovery of Lunar water or the constant indifference of the vast universe towards us, the human mind has always been curious to know what’s beyond the obvious.

Guru Nanak also pondered on such mysteries and with his divine knowledge, he wrote several doctrines explaining the truth of the universe. The doctrines were way ahead of the time and scientists are still referring it to unravel the many mysteries of the universe and our existence. Stephen Hawking’s most celebrated book, A Brief History of Time, charts out the big bang theory and many astronomical phenomena, several of which Guru Nanak had spoken about centuries ago when the world wasn’t even aware of scientific laws, gravity and the solar system.

In a period when speaking universal truths wasn’t accepted, Guru Nanak propounded truths about the creation of the Universe and other celestial beings. While in A Brief History of Time, Hawking questioned whether the stars were moving or static, Guru Nanak had already stated that “Lord’s fear moves the sun and the moon. They travel myriads of miles without an end.”

Guru Nanak was absorbed in understanding the mysteries of the universe and his Bani in the Guru Granth Sahib is a reflection of the same. He talks about the origin in his hymns, saying, “For countless ages, there was utter darkness. There was no earth and sky. There was neither day, nor night, nor moon, nor sun. The Lord sat in profound meditation. There was no hell, nor heaven, nor death, nor time. The Lord Himself was in a state of nothingness from where He came into existence Himself. There was nothing of the universe at that time. With one word (bang) the Lord affected the worlds’ expansion whereby millions of rivers (of galaxies) began to flow. He went on creating the entire nature creating nothingness from nothingness. The Lord started creating regions and the universes from unmanifest to manifest.”

His intrigue towards astronomy and creation led him to understand the shape of the Earth and someone once told Guru Nanak, during his Udasis, that the planet is a flat plate standing on the horns of a bull. To this, he had replied diligently, “If the earth is settled on the horns of a bull, where does the bull stand? Or for that matter how many earths support bulls or how many bulls support earths?”. He also talks about life on Earth, “There are beings and creatures in the water and on the land, in the worlds and universes, form upon form. Whatever they say, God knows; God cares for them all.”

His hymns on the creation of life state that, “The physical body is created by the union of semen and blood and life is created by the union of air, water and fire. He is doing this wonderful play by creating this world of materialism and love”, and hundreds of years later, Georges Lemaître said, “Existence began with the detonation of a ‘primordial atom’ of infinite density.” Continuing his hymns on existence of life in the universe, Guru Nanak has clearly said, “The spread of the universe is limitless. Man is not alone in the universe. No one knows how much is the spread of the universe. No one knows his end. There are millions of regions and Netherlands. Billions are the airs, waters and fires. Billions are the countries and earths. Billions are the suns, moons and planets.”

The questions that modern scientists are grappling with today, pertaining to the origin of the universe, the big bang theory, galaxies and life forms on other celestial bodies, may have answers hidden in spiritualism. As Francis Collins, Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute, says, “a lot of scientists really don’t know what they are missing by not exploring their spiritual feelings.”