The secret to living a peaceful life with Guru Nanak’s words
December 27, 20194 Minutes

The last few years have witnessed an explosion of information and services in the public domain – we have internet at the tip of our fingers 24X7, opinions, news, debates, tips, and what not. And the information overload today, instead of helping us find ourselves or taking us closer to our goals is leading us farther away from finding our true selves. Comparing ourselves to peers, colleagues and friends, getting jealous of others’ success, thinking why we are not as successful as them – it is not taking us any closer to finding our true selves and building a world that is better and peaceful.

500 years ago, Guru Nanak led the path of kindness, equality, community, seva (selfless service) wherever he went, singing hymns to God while Bhai Mardana, his companion played the rebab. Guru Nanak spoke of five virtues, five centuries ago which are as relevant for us today to help find our true selves as it was back then.

All the five virtues Guru Nanak spoke of are based on an individual’s unity with God, developing a love for God by showing compassion for all of God’s creations. We elucidate on them below for you:


Sat means truthful living.

While Guru Nanak emphasized on speaking honest words and knowing truth, greater still did he want the people to live an honest life, a live earned by truthful means. Practising justice, equality, impartiality, and avoiding criticism of others are the actions one needs to carry out to live a truthful life.


Santokh means contentment.

Freedom from envy, greed, ambition and jealously is what can lead an individual to acquire peace of mind.  Kindness, selfless seva, community, equality and practising truth are all ways for an individual to derive contentment and get closer to God and be free from ego and selfishness.


Daya means compassion.

The act of considering another’s misery as one’s own and providing help in any way possible is known to be intrinsic to living a fulfilled life. Being compassionate takes you one step closer to kindness and makes one overlook people’s imperfections and mistakes.


Nimrata means humility.

Living a humble life is all about staying grounded and seeing every individual as an equal, neither superior nor inferior. It is about maintaining an attitude of benevolence. The Gurumukh, or the God-oriented is deeply steeped with humility at all times and in all actions.


Pyaar means love.

With a heart full of love towards God and all his creations, every individual is capable of overlooking deficiencies in others and accepting each one as God’s beloved. Full of compassion, kindness, humility, and free of envy, ego and jealously, with an attitude of love, a Gurmukh becomes the truly enlightened disciple of God.

Truth, contentment, compassion, humility and love can change how one looks at the world and make this world a better place. Let’s come together to imbibe the teachings of Guru Nanak and find our true selves.