Welcome to the Script of Life
October 2, 20193 Minutes

Do you feel as if the newspaper is often a dose of distress with your morning cup of chai? Or that your Whatsapp is filled with stories of peril and pain?

Amidst all the chaos, tell us, have you too felt the need for a guiding light, a sort of compass to direct you to a simpler, happier, kinder time?  

Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

This is the Script of Life. We are using the words of Guru Nanak – his timeless wisdom, ageless teachings and life stories to help you envision a better today, a brighter tomorrow. 

Some 500 year ago, when Guru Nanak walked the earth, he took messages of empathy, community, equality and joy with him, far and wide. He hoped to inspire truth, honesty, sacrifice and service in the people he met – from Iran to Ladakh, from Tibet to Saudi Arabia. A visionary thinker and revolutionary philosopher, one of the earliest feminists – Guru Nanak’s ideas and words held the power to transform the world. And they still do. 

This year marks the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, and what better time to share his words with a world in peril. We believe that words and stories can change the world. Stories of kindness, equality, community, peace, empathy and seva. Without anger, without hate – Nir bhau, Nir Vair. 

With the Script of Life, we hope to help you reflect on the goodness in your heart and let it show. Find a purpose in service. Speak words that spark joy. Inspire courage. Break barriers. Mend hearts. Words that carry the timeless messages of Guru Nanak, the stories of his life – can be the words that transform the world. 


You in?